The Last Kiss

Under the dim setting of,

A forbidden dwelling of pleasure,

He sat and stared hard at her,

Brushing off other exotic dancers.

Her amber skin shined,

Her golden curls waltzed,

While she tantalised,

The men with gold-filled vaults.

He sought her attention,

In pain and rage,

Desired to seize his possession,

And to get her out of their cage.

Sensing his fiery gaze,

She turned towards him,

Leaving behind her forced play,

To end his unceasing whim.

“I am in misery, let me go,

I am not worth you, let me go,

You deserve better, let me go”

Her words hit him with a strong blow.

He shuddered, broken into pieces,

His world collapsed in front of him,

Dominant hues of blackness,

Sadistically smothered him.

Unable to see him pulverised,

She leaned in closer,

To savour his lips one last time,

And secure closure.

He delved deep into her mouth,

Demanded every inch of her soul,

But the timeless fire spoke out loud,

T’is the last kiss their destiny doled.

Copyright © Srishti Mundhra


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