Light of Hope

My very first attempt at Haiku! Hope you all like it 🙂 thanks for reading!

Upturned and crescent,

A luminous hope dangles,

Beating the shadows.

Copyright © Srishti Mundhra



As light as a feather, as radiant as the sun
That laughter as symphonic as the dawn chorus
As sparkling as the stars, shimmery next to none
Those eyes as vibrant as hues of the universe
As true as the mind, as celestial as His abode
The heart sans fears and a facade
As fresh as the summer air, as rosy as a love note
The visage as angelic as a kiss from God
As unfettered as the wind, as blissful as oblivion
That slight touch as palpable as sprouted love
As sweet as honey, as unblemished as the Eden
The innocence as guileless as a dove

A desire to live like a bud in its prime
To blossom into a flower untouched by dust and time

Copyright © Srishti Mundhra

Solitary Souvenir

Tall, taller than the sky
I stand high and dry
Roots of grandeur
My surroundings barren
Devoid of earthly luster
Delicious hope for the hunter

Necessary isolation, they say
Vagabond ship in the drought, I say
Darkest shadow of the Captain
Lone hoverer in the cabin
Ebbing remnants of the crew
Immersing silence into the blue

Last piece of the present
Rustiness omnipresent
Compassion gone astray
Callous frost and decay
Legacy filled with tears
After all, I’m a solitary souvenir

 Copyright © Srishti Mundhra